Saturday, March 04, 2006

a dedication to my microwave

When we purchased our new house, we ended up having to buy new appliances, for previous owners couldn’t part with their precious stainless steel toys. Which was good. We were picky about appliances too, and have selected rather fancy stuff (at least by our previous standards). And since we were so snobby about the big ticket items, we decided to go for a fancy microwave as well, to keep the “harmony” of the kitchen. We wanted something different from the old Wal-Mart variety. We wanted one with bells and whistles.

As we presented our demands to the sales person, she was so excited at the prospect of selling us a pricey item, that she almost convinced us to get a flying/cooking/cleaning/baby-sitting microwave. Tempted, but restrained by somewhat sensible budget, we decided to go middle of the road. We zeroed in on one with “built-in-sensors”. And a knockout stainless steel look.

It had an amazing range of buttons. My favorite was “Sensor-Cook”. Somehow, in my mind’s eye, I visualized pressing that one button and having a wonderful homemade meal pop out. I presume that in my husband’s mind’s eye there was a picture of me pressing that button too. And, of course, the sales person told us that that’s all the cooking effort we would need to exert.

However, upon setting up the precious purchase on the countertop of the aforementioned new house, I quickly realized that there was more to the button-pressing. I had to find an appropriate number on the dial. And I had to input appropriate weight of the meal in question. Not to mention that things had to be turned, spaced and poked…

Sadly, I realized, we’ve been duped. This microwave was just like all the others. The user friendly interface turned out to be as self-explanatory as programming a new VCR.

Disillusioned I dwelt in a state of cooking depression for days. Even unholy thoughts of returning the microwave back to the dealer have crossed my mind. And had I not been so lazy, I probably would have done it.

Then came the fateful night when we decided to rent a movie. But what is a movie without popcorn? Mentally preparing to have to sort through instructions in order to figure out the power level, time, and all the other variables of popcorn making, I reached for the popcorn package in the drawer. At that moment my eyes scanned the microwave dial, and noticed a button I have never paid attention to before.

There it was, loud and clear. The pinnacle of modern technology. A button that simply stated “Popcorn”.

Hardly breathing, terrified that my luck would run out I quickly stashed the package inside the microwave and pressed the button. That was it. No other actions were required. A few moments later the scrumptious smell of butter-popcorn filled the house. My faith in life has been restored.

And as I ate that popcorn I found myself having a bright vision of the future. Suddenly I knew, with unshakable certainty, that one day there will be a microwave with just one button -- “DINNER”.


Anonymous dland said...

Good morning. I was rather shocked to see a comment on my LiveJournal when I turned on my computer this morning. It's kind of like having a secret admirer.
I have tried FlyLady a couple of times. While I admire her and agree with her on many things, she is almost too intense for my taste. Even though I hear her saying "baby steps", I find myself trying to take it all on anyway. Thank you for taking the time to suggest it though.
Let me ask you this. What is one thing that you have done personally that has helped you be a better homemaker? It can be any little thing really.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous dland said...

By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed your post about the microwave. We recently moved into an almost-new house that already had a microwave. I still get out the little handbook and check. One setting "reheat" is the one that gives me trouble. Also the "popcorn" feature has more than pressing a button. Anyway, it's still a good thing (the microwave).

8:46 AM  
Blogger vasilisa said...

Hi dland,

thanks for dropping by :-)

the plight of a homemaker is so close to my heart, that I had to drop you a comment.

as for your question, i'm posting an elaborate reply on your journal ( ).


12:41 PM  
Anonymous Happy Dud said...

You wana tell me there are othere things you can do with a microwave othere then make popcorn!!!???

6:56 PM  
Blogger TheHamburger said...

If you have an extra microwave laying around I'd be glad to take it off your hands...

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Galina said...

Too funny!!! : )

12:44 PM  
Anonymous dland said...

I wanted to ask you about the rice - not sure if I should do that here or on my LJ...but here goes. I have not really had much luck cooking a rice casserole where you add the water/liquid/soup and bake it. So how do you cook rice first when you have a recipe (like the recipe I made which has the cream soup, spices and water to add with the rice and the rice is suppose to absorb it?) Do you just cut back on the liquids or ?
(thinking maybe you have a formula)

9:57 PM  

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