Friday, April 28, 2006

technology and me revisited

Some people have a green thumb with technology. Or a metallic one. Or maybe they just have some supernatural “technology-obey-me” powers. Like my father, who looks at a broken gadget, and scares the busted device into working. Well, he's an exceptional, though. He can classify and declassify drill bits in his sleep, while I probably would have to spend all day looking for sites like this (Drill-Bits), just so I can figure out what to get to screw a family picture on the wall.

Cause honestly, people like me are a menace to every technological breakthrough humanity has ever accomplished.


When normal people’s monitors break, they show signs of faulty colours, dead pixels, poor contrast, messed up pictures. Or maybe the screen remains blank altogether. You know, normal problems.

Mine went up in smoke. Literally. One minute I’m typing happily away and next there is hissing noise, and a burning smell. Add to that my great technological know-how, a crying baby and me being all-alone in the house, and you can probably picture the utter state of panic.

It actually took me a while to set out on my search for a new monitor. Somehow the fact that this supposedly great friend of mine is a lethal weapon of destruction has held me back from running out to get a new one.

But, I’m proud to announce that I have conquered the fear, and am now a proud owner of a whole new monitor. An LCD one. Though I am secretly longing for my old-fashioned one, cause it was just sooo much better (when it worked). Just staring at this one gets my eyes blurry. But I’ll just have to get used to that. Cause there is no way I am going back to a CRT. One almost-fire is enough for me.

PS: And just to prove that I do have a damaging effect on technology – I once burned my office computer. Yes. You guessed it. Smoke streamed out from the case. Maybe I should stick to good old counting beads.


Blogger Alexys Fairfield said...

Congratulations on your new LCD monitor. It's only a matter of time before you get used to it. When new technology comes out, it has a tendency to make us feel inferior, but I am glad that you conquered the fear and that you are back to blogging.

We've missed you. Your energy. Your Spirit. Your light.

Your story about burning your monitor reminds me of the time when I put hot chocolate in a microwave and it almost blew up! Who knew that hot chocolate could make such a fuss?

Luckily I caught it just before the big bang!

I wonder if that's how the big bang theory started??????

2:06 AM  

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