Monday, March 30, 2009

Mascara Everywhere

Have you noticed how many mascara products there are on the market? Seems that everywhere I turn there is some kind of new makeup trick created. And it’s not just the traditional black or brown lash enhancement. Or no. The makeup companies are coming up with more and more ingenious products on a daily basis.

Remember how at the end of the nineties hair mascara was all the rage? Apparently it’s not fully gone now, though the major brands don’t make it anymore. But if you look just a bit you will realize that you can still find hair mascara. You just have to be more ingenious in looking. And you can end up having those cool colorful streaks just for one special night.

Mix it with some blue mascara for your eyes, clear mascara on the eye-brows and you are good to go!

I have to confess at this point. I’ve never used much makeup in my life. I’ve avoided foundation like the plague cause when I was a kid my mom told me that if I use it my skin will look seventy by the time I’m thirty. For similar reason I’ve avoided the eye shadows. And I think my mom did have a good point. I could’ve been a teen twice by now yet my skin still is perfectly fine…

But mascara is different. Something quick and flirty about it. Something that when I put it on my husband has no idea I’m wearing makeup, yet can’t help commenting that I look good.

And despite not being a teenager, those kind of comments still make me feel real good.